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Bubbles & Cuddles is a trading name of Bubbles & Cuddles Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 1943554).
1. These terms

1.1. What these terms cover. These are the terms and conditions on which Bubbles & Cuddles will supply services to you (and your dog(s)).
1.2. Why you should read them. Please read these terms carefully before you use Bubbles & Cuddles services. These terms tell you about how we will provide the services , what to do if there is a problem and other important information.
1.3. By a) enrolling a dog with or b) permitting a dog to attend or c) acceptng services of Bubbles & Cuddles Limited and its staff, you deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

2. Contact
2.1. How to contact us. You can contact Bubbles & Cuddles by telephone on 07479403564 or by writing to
2.2. How we may contact you. If Bubbles & Cuddles needs to contact you this will be done by telephone or by writing at the email address or postal address you provide to us. Please do let us know if any of these details require updating.

3. Let’s get started
3.1. Initial consultation. Bubbles & Cuddles services will be subject to an initial consultation. The initial consultation is free of charge and is a really important part of making sure Bubbles & Cuddles services are correct for your dog(s). As part of the initial consultation you will be asked to confirm that your dog(s) is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behaviour toward any person or any other dog.
3.2. Sometimes we need to refuse dogs. For the safety and care of the dogs we look after, Bubbles & Cuddles reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog deemed in their absolute discretion to be, or have the potential to be, dangerous or disruptive. This may include, but is not limited to, dogs over the age of one (1) who are unneutered or dogs who require special measures to be able to walk them safely (such as muzzles), as females on season for a period of 4 weeks. We also cannot accept your dog(s) if you fail to provide adequate proof of up-to-date vaccinations (including bordetella) or if you fail to comply with your responsibilities as set out in section 4.1 (below), or otherwise in these terms. If we are unable to accept your dog(s), we will inform you of this.

4. Your responsibilities
4.1. What we require from you. To ensure a safe environment for all the dogs within our care, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog:
4.1.1. is microchipped and wearing an ID tag;
4.1.2. is continuously free of and has not been exposed to contagious, infectious, or otherwise communicable diseases. Such diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to: Distemper, Hepatitis, Kennel Cough (Bordetella), Parvovirus, Corona virus, worms, Lyme disease, Fleas, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin Diseases and Intestinal Parasites; and
4.1.3. has not eaten in the hour before pick up by Bubbles & Cuddles to ensure sufficient time to digest food before any exercise or play. Failure to do so may result in the potentially life-threatening condition Bloat (Gastric Torsion).

5. How services will be performed and when they might not be
5.1. When we will provide the services. Bubbles & Cuddles will supply the services on such dates and at such times that have been agreed with you.
5.2. When our services may change. In extreme weather (e.g. very hot weather or heavy snow) walks may be shorter to ensure the comfort of the dogs. This will be at Bubbles & Cuddles discretion.
5.3. Reasons we may suspend or stop your services or be unable to provide services.
5.3.1. If you have asked us to pick up your dog(s) and we cannot access your property as arranged, we will be unable to carry out our services and you will remain liable for all fees and any additional costs incurred by us as a result.
5.3.2. If you do not pay us for the services when you are supposed to and you still do not make payment within 7 days of us reminding you that payment is due, we may suspend our services to you until you have paid us the outstanding amounts.
5.3.3. If your dog displays any unwelcome, aggressive, procreative, or dangerous behaviour Bubbles & Cuddles reserves the right to immediately terminate any provision of services or will have to arrange special services for your dog during this time (such special services may incur a higher price).
5.3.4. Bubbles & Cuddles may choose not to look after bitches while in season or pregnant or will have to arrange special services for your dog during this time (such special services may incur a higher price).
5.3.5. If you have an ad hoc arrangement with Bubbles & Cuddles, we may not be able to provide our services if we do not have capacity. We will always endeavour to find a workable solution but priority will be given to those who have regular bookings.

6. If there is a problem with the services
6.1. How to tell us about problems. If you have any questions or complaints about the services, please contact us on the details set out above. Or, please come and speak to Bubbles & Cuddles.
7. Price And Payment
7.1. Where to find the price for the services. The price of the services will be the price set out in our price list unless we have agreed another price in writing.
7.2. When you must pay and how you must pay. We will invoice you for the price of the services when we have completed them. You must pay each invoice within 7 calendar days after the date of the invoice, failing to make any payment due to Bubbles & Cuddles by the due date for payment, then you shall pay interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 8% per annum above Lloyds bank Plc's base rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until actual paymentf the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment. You should pay the interest together with the overdue amount plus any and all additional administrative, debt collection costs and legal fees incured. The preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer or cash.
7.3. On termination of the contract for any reason you shall inmediately pay to Bubbles & Cuddles of all outstanding unpaid invoices and interest and in respect of services supplied but for which no invoice has been submitted, Bubbles & Cuddles shall submit and invoice, which shall be payable inmediately on receipt.
7.4. What to do if you think an invoice is wrong. If you think an invoice is wrong, please contact us promptly to let us know. 
7.5. We may review our fees time to time and may take the decision to increase them. If we do so, we shall give you at least one full calendar month's written notice of the revised fees. If you do not want to pay the revised fees and wish to cease using our services, you can bring this contract to end by providing us one full calendar month's written notice.

8. Cancelling
Bubbles & Cuddles Limited operates a fixed weekly fee system, whereby you pay a fixed weekly fee for a place at the day care on agreed regular day/s or ad hoc day/s per week. Therefore, if you do not send their dog for any reason, for example due to holiday or sickness, the weekly fee for the agreed regular or ad hoc days is still payable in full.
8.1. Cancelling individual booked services. Bubbles & Cuddles does not charge for cancellations with adequate notice. However, the following cancellation charges will apply to: 
8.1.1. Day care/Dog walking:
If you cancel between 1-3 days, full payment will be required.
If you cancel between 4-7 days, half payment will be required.
If you cancel with 7+ days’ notice, there will be no charge.

8.1.2. Overnight Pet Sitting/ Dog Grooming
Deposits are required to secure bookings and dates. Deposits are 50% of the overall fee. 

If you cancelled between 1-7 days, full payment will be required.

If you cancel between 8-14 days, the deposit will be kept.

If you cancel with 14+ days’ notice, there will be no charge and your deposit returned.

8.2. Cancelling ongoing services. If you wish to terminate ongoing services you must give Bubbles & Cuddles a minimum of 1 month's notice. Failing this, Bubbles & Cuddles reserves the right to charge full payment for the whole month. You agree to provide such notice or pay the amount that would be due during this notice period. You can cancel with notice at any time, there is no minimum term of contract.
9. Liability and emergencies
9.1. Damage caused by your dog. You are responsible for any and all harm or damage caused by your dog while it is under the care of Bubbles & Cuddles. This will include, but is not limited to, medical expenses and damages resulting from any injury to Bubbles & Cuddles and its staff or to other persons by the dog.  You agree to indemnify Bubbles & Cuddles in full against any liability arising from such harm or damage to third parties.
9.2. Property and belongings. Bubbles & Cuddles is not responsible for any loss or damage to your property or any lost, stolen, or damaged leads, collars, tags, clothing or any other item you leave with your dog. 
9.3. Co-mingling of dogs. Bubbles & Cuddles offers services where dogs co-mingle in groups. You agree and accept that during the course of normal dog play your dog may sustain injuries. All dog play is carefully monitored to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments, or other injuries may occur despite the best supervision.
9.4. Veterinary treatment. You must provide Bubbles & Cuddles with the name and contact number of someone with authority to make decisions relating to your dog(s) care in an emergency. During such an emergency, if the emergency contact is not available or their details have not been provided, you authorise Bubbles & Cuddles to transport your dog(s) to a listed veterinarian or request on-site treatment from a veterinarian or transport your dog(s) to an emergency clinic if the previous two options are not feasible. You agree that Bubbles & Cuddles may use its sole discretion in choosing the best care option for your dog(s) and that Bubbles & Cuddles cannot be held liable for any injury or death of your dog(s). You will be responsible for the full cost of treatment of any injuries or illness that your dog receives while under the care of Bubbles & Cuddles, together with any associated costs e.g. call-out charges. 
9.5. Illness. You agree and accept that even though your dog(s) is vaccinated against Bordetella (Kennel Cough) there is a chance that your dog(s) can still contract Kennel Cough. You agree that you will not hold Bubbles & Cuddles responsible if your dog(s) contract Kennel Cough whilst in the care of Bubbles & Cuddles.
9.6 Pet taxi. Your dog may be transported with other dogs in a Bubbles & Cuddles vehicle. You agree that Bubbles & Cuddles cannot be held liable for death or injury to their dog in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

10. Insurance
10.1. Bubbles & Cuddles ’s insurance cover. Bubbles & Cuddles has insurance which covers public liability to animals in care, custody or control and bodily injury to third party persons, arising from their activities. However, Bubbles & Cuddles and its staff and associates will not be responsible for any injury or fatality of a pet whilst in their care.
11. How We May Use Your Personal Information
11.1. How we will use your personal information. We will only use your personal information as set out in these terms and our Privacy Policy (you can find this on our website).
12. Photos, videos, images
12.1. Taking and using pictures of your dog. You consent to your dog(s) being photographed, videotaped and used in any media or advertising by Bubbles & Cuddles without the need of your prior approval. If you do not want photos of your dog(s) posted please let us know. All such media remains the property of Bubbles & Cuddles.
13. Other Important Terms
13.1 Use of crates. Crates may be used for rest breaks and feeding if required and in the event of exceptional circumstances to mantain dog and human safety as appropriate and only if absolutely necessary, your dog may be placed in a crate for a limited time.
13.2. If part of this contract is considered unlawful, the rest will continue in force. Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.
13.3. Variation. No variation of these Terms and Conditions will have effect unless confirmed by Bubbles & Cuddles in writing.
13.4. Which laws apply to this contract and where you may bring legal proceedings. These terms are governed by English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the services in the English courts.



Download the Client enrolment pack here. 

T & Cs  (pdf)

Dog grooming agreement

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